The Dorcy 411467 Dive II Submersible Light is a modern flashlight made of quality aluminum and a finish that makes it aesthetically pleasing. It has a collection of advanced features, including a K2 Super Flux LED light, alkaline batteries, waterproofing, and improved light concentration.

The Dorcy 411467 Dive II is made of anodized aluminum with a hardened black finish. This makes it corrosion proof when exploring marine life in oceanic or salty waters, both of which are notorious for eating away at dive light finishes over time. The total weight is only 0.8 pounds, which make it light especially during long underwater expeditions. It features a K2 Super Flux LED with 220 lumens capable of shining through greater depths. While on land, the center spot and area around this spot concentrates 80 and 20 percent of the light accordingly. This allows divers to focus on smaller areas while still maintaining some visibility outside of what they’re working on.

More light is focused on the beam while under water, which provides superior performance. This light is submersible up to 100 meters and uses one set of alkaline batteries which provide 8 hours of continuous use. On the rear is a nylon wrist lanyard which helps the torch secure to your wrist quickly and makes it easier to carry the light as you work or play. This product comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer which offers protection against material defects.


  • Exceptional performance both on land and in water.
  • Withstands corrosion and lasts longer that similar dive lights.
  • Uses long lasting AAA alkaline batteries so you never have to wait around for a charge.
  • Can be used at greater depths that similarly sized lights.
  • Light and easy to secure when diving.
  • It’s incredibly affordable given its performance.


  • It lacks an off/on button, and instead one has to twist the body to turn it on. This proves frustrating for most divers, and can make turning the light on and off while underwater difficult.
  • The light beam is not widely dispersed in water.

While we consider the lack of an on/off button a huge design flaw, this light is still a favorite of ours for multiple reasons. It’s affordable, yet still provides reliable lighting that maintains brightness not matter what level the batteries are at, and it’s minimal size and nearly non-existent weight makes it perfect as a secondary light.  Keep in mind that if you’re on a night dive or in a cave, you will need a wider-beam primary light as well.