Dive torch care is key to ensuring its lifespan. Torch maintenance is simpler than most of us might think. However, if neglected, torches will fail during your dive, and in some cases, the warranty offered by the dive light manufacturer may be voided if a torch is faulty due to negligence when it comes to cleaning and repairs.

  1. Always rinse the torch in fresh water after a diving session. Soaking it in a warm water bath the same way you would an underwater camera also helps to remove salt deposits. You should not use a cleaning agent, especially those intended for wet suits and other diving gear. Fresh water is all you need.
  2. You should not leave your torch to dry in the sun. This helps in safeguarding the O-rings.
  3. Do not store your torch while wet or even when slightly damp. Storing a wet dive torch increases the chance of corrosion. Always ensure it is dry before storage.
  4. Whenever you open the torch to replace the batteries, it is paramount to remove the O-rings, inspect for any damage, and clean off excess grease.
  5. Lightly grease the O-ring and replace it, ensuring no hair, dust, or grit is attached as these can break the seal.
  6. Run a cotton swab into the groove where the O-ring sits to remove grit, sand, and excess grease.
  7. DO NOT over-grease the O-rings. Excessive greasing makes it likely the torch will leak/flood.
  8. Remove the batteries from the torch if you are storing it for a long period – batteries leak when left unused for long periods of time.
  9. Try to use high-quality batteries even if it means spending more. Cheaper or low-quality versions can leak very quickly if left inside the torch. If you see any green corrosion in the battery compartment, this indicates that the batteries have leaked acid and it is eating away the metal. Red corrosion indicates entry of seawater in the battery compartment, and means that the torch’s metal parts are rusting.

Follow these guidelines, and your torch will be a happy, long-term illuminating friend for you!