A dive light is very essential to any scuba diver as it is helps you navigate the sea as well as see the spectacular marine life in the night. While a big dive light gives a wider range of light and therefore a greater view, small dive lights are good secondary lights as they act as a backup in case the big one fails. They are also good for signaling each other when you’re diving with a friend or in a large group. They are also good for looking under rocks and in cracks where you just need a little bit of light and a lot of maneuverability. Due to their small size, they fit in the BC pocket and are known to last significantly longer than their larger counterparts.

There are several small dive lights available on the market today, but which are the best small dive lights?

Scuba Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D light. This is a small light with big power, but most importantly, it is very cheap so you can have as many as you want just in case of an emergency.

Princeton TEC Torrent L.E.D dive light. This is a small light that is loved by many divers due to its ability to hold power over a long period of time.

Princeton Tec Meridian BC strobe light. This light goes a long way while underwater – its light can be seen for miles and for its small stature it produces a lot of brightness.

Innovative 4 inch chemical light stick. This light is very portable and can fit under your mask guard, making it a great way to find your diving partner underwater.

Tovatec Fusion 1000 rechargeable light. This is an easily adjustable light that works great during the night and has batteries that last forever.

Try any of the above small dive lights to make your diving experience safer and more interesting.