Once you get your own dive light equipment you’ll be able to dive more often and get into different kinds of diving. If you plan on diving wrecks or exploring spots where colorful wildlife live, having a good diving light is important.

Diving equipment can be expensive at times. Most divers look forward to economizing where they can and dive lights are an area where it is possible to get a good deal. If you are after budget-friendly dive lights, consider going for one of the three best dive lights for the money.

SubGear Prolight SP30

This dive light is the best option if you do not want heavy equipment on your head. It is just a little over a pound and 8.5” long. Its compact design and affordable price make it a perfect daytime dive light. However, it has a narrow beam and won’t be a good option when used as a primary light. The torch has 3 C sized batteries which will give you an amazing 14 to 18 hours of burn time. Its light output is 500 lumens.

Scubapro Nova 230

This equipment is also affordable and the good thing about it is that it can be used as a primary light or as a back up. It has a narrow beam and it’s a fantastic starting light for newbies. Its light output is 230 lumens and it is powered by 3 C alkaline batteries.

Ikelite Gamma

If you are after an inexpensive dive light with a high-performance level, this dive light is worth your consideration. Many divers have ranked it as the best value and its compact design makes it easy to hold on to. It emits 350 lumens in a concentrated 10-degree beam and it features over 10 hours of run time on 2 CR123 batteries.

These three dive lights offer the best value for your money. So, if you are looking for the best dive light for your money, consider going for one of these options.