If you have made plans to go underwater or scuba diving, then a dive light is an essential. A dive light goes a long way in ensuring that your vision is not impaired when you are having a night dive. It often gets very dark especially when the natural light is not enough. To solve this problem, here are some of the brightest dive lights.
Ikelite Gamma

The Gamma provides different models to choose from to give you the best night dives. Available are the mini lights that can be fitted in the pocket until needed, the primary lights that provide a very powerful illumination on the darkest parts of the rocks, and a compact canister light which is worn on the wrist.

Scuba Nova 720

This simple yet polished device has an aluminum finish that makes it waterproof. It has the longest beam with a shade of 9 inches. This means that you can see the far-away animals without a struggle. Its spot beam is also very powerful and concentrated. It is easy to use and very comfortable.

SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 650

If there is a device that has re-defined the meaning and conception of dive lights, then it will have to be this. It can be operated single handedly, has a comfortable grip and a very powerful beam of 15 degrees. It can easily fit in a BC pocket and is easy to use.

XS Scuba LT 360

Most of the dive lights seem to be very bright which is uncomfortable in times where much less light is required. This is where the Scuba LT 360 comes in to save the day. It has a magnetic dimmer switch that provides customizable lighting. The slide switch is used to turn it on and off and its beam is of high quality.

Having the best dive light will make your underwater experiences frequent and worth spending your time on. They come at different prices, burn times, powers and specs. Therefore, when deciding which diving light to purchase, you should consider its features and the type of diving intended.