SecurityIng never fails to please, and they have given us another first with this LED dive light. The SecurityIng 1000 XM L2 LED dive light comes in at a whopping 1000 lumens, making it a powerhouse underwater. With this diving flashlight, you can light up the ocean and make it look as bright as day.


This awesome light comes with 1000 lumens out of the box and can go to depths of up to 150 meters, making it an ideal tool for free diving. It comes with a highly efficient booster circuit that utilizes battery power to the maximum. It’s beam travels a distance of up to 320 meters.


The SecurityIng 1000 XM L2 LED dive torch uses three 1.5 volt, C-size batteries. They are able to keep power for up to 7 hours at max power, which is more than enough for free-divers.


The build of the SecurityIng 1000 XM is very high quality, with aviation aluminum alloy used to make the casing. The waterproof level is rated at IP VIII, with military grade III anodized CNC. The lens is made from 5mm plastic, making it scratch-resistant.


  • The light from the SecurityIng is actually bluish white, making it much brighter and clearer than comparable dive flashlights in the market.
  • It comes with 3 heavy-duty o-rings, offering extra protection. The pack also comes with spares to replace the o-rings when they’re damaged.
  • High quality build materials mean the flashlight is durable and will likely serve you for many years.
  • The bright light is very even and penetrates a great distance underwater.


  • The SecurityIng flashlight is actually a bit heavy at 507g (with batteries) out of water and 332 grams underwater. It can be a little bit inconvenient to carry around for long periods of time.
  • The controls are a bit awkward and difficult to operate with one hand. Most of the time you’ll need to use both hands.