What is the purpose of dive lights? One may wonder.A dive light helps the user to illuminate the deep sea environment.It is most often used by “Scuba Divers”. Not only by scuba divers they are also used by “Cave Divers”. They provide a much different comfort for the user.They usually provide a 120 degree view and warns the diver about the upcoming danger.They are more powerful than ordinary torch lights and they cover a wide range of distance. Nemo Power Tools one of the pioneers in the industry is introducing their “MAX PLANCK 6000”. Nemo tools have been used in over 45 countries and they are the leader in manufacturing dive lights.

IMPORTANCE OF HIGH POWER LIGHTS: High power dive lights are very much useful for deep sea divers.They provide huge comfort as they need not be carried with hands as they can be fitted on your head. Deep sea water can be penetrated only by powerful beams of light which is been provided by the dive lights. There are different types of dive lights like “spot light” and “flood light”. Of the two flood light provides a wide angle than spot light which is better for deep sea divers.More over “MAX PLANCK 6000″ is a flood light with many advanced features.

BENEFITS OF LED: LED lights usually use an internal lens which produces a high focus beam.They provide a dense beam by internal reflections which saves a lot of power.With the LED’s different colors can be obtained which are more useful for attracting fishes,underwater photography etc., Also LED’s provide a bright light as compared with others.”MAX PLANCK 6000″ also uses power powerful LED’s which completely enhances the experience of the user.It is very powerful with 6000 lumens and 100 watt power capability.

USE OF ALUMINUM: Aluminum is a very light weight metal which is used in aircraft. As it is light weight it does not offer heavy load to the user and provide comfort all the way.More over Aluminum is stronger than plastics. Plastic can easily damage over the years but aluminum offers much resistance.”MAX PLANCK 6000” is made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum which is very much advanced.

WIDE BEAM: Usually a wide beam provide a greater coverage. A “hot spot” is the center of the light beam. It is very intense and it should be avoided. While taking under water photographs these hot spots reduce the quality of the photographs. So, for under water photography light source is generally needed which provides wide coverage and without any hot spot.”MAX PLANCK 6000″ comes with wide angle illumination which is perfectly suitable for professional under water photography.

MAX PLANCK 6000: There are many dive lights in the market but Max Planck 6000 meets all the needs of different users like scuba divers,under water photographers,deep sea rescue force and many more. This product is more reliable and completely safe. It support a maximum depth of about 100 meters.It includes four lithium ion batteries which provides power for very long time. It also includes a good man handle. It also has both static red light mode and flashing red light mode. Thus overall Max Planck 6000 is a fully packed dive light which carries out everything you need.