Venturing out into underwater caves can be fun and exciting. Watching nightlife in the caves can be quite a thrill. But remember, the caves are dark places to visit so you need adequate lighting to illuminate your way. A concern among cave divers is their primary light failing, which is why secondary cave diving lights are essential.

Getting ready for your next diving expedition, therefore, requires adequate preparation. Among the accessories that you must have as part of your arsenal is a cave secondary dive light. What makes this type light important? You carry this as a backup light just in case your primary light fails for whatever reason.

A good backup light should be more compact and lightweight than the primary light. This enables you to pack and carry the light with ease. As you go shopping for this accessory you have to consider the appropriate beam angle for your purposes. You can opt for a wide beam angle, a narrow beam angle or an adjustable beam angle. A wide beam angle is ideal for maximum visibility, which is what you want in the caves. On the other hand, a narrow beam angle provides a tight bright spot that is excellent for looking under ledges and into crevices. Secondary lights with adjustable beams are handy when you encounter different dive conditions during the same dive. The choice of beam angle should be informed by the conditions in which you expect to use the torch.

Granted, the market is awash with such secondary lights for underwater cave enthusiasts, however, here we present two of what we believe are some of the best lights for this purpose.

  • The Security 1000XM L2 LED flashlight is simple to operate with just an on and off switch, and is rated up to 150 feet, making it a great choice for both novice and professionals divers.
  • Tovatec-Innovative Scuba ICOM Compact Torch is another excellent secondary light for your underwater cave experience. Its single CREE LED light gives a bright, well-focused beam that is perfect for the caves.

With this info, you have the vital background knowledge to have an excellent backup light for your cave diving adventures.