Recreational and commercial divers know how difficult it is to find a dive light that’s bright, durable and lightweight enough to take cave diving. Between the tight spaces, oft-absent ambient light and endless chances to drop the torch on a hard surface, it’s no wonder cave divers are always on the search for the next best thing. And the new V3 Nemo Flood Light is exactly that – the best dive light for cave diving.

Emitting a stunning 15,000 lumens in a wide 120-degree angle beam, the V3 Nemo Flood Light is the brightest dive light available for purchase. And when you’re in a pitch-black cave dozens of meters below the surface, “bright” is exactly what you need. The 18 Cree LEDs and 10 UV LEDs in the V3 dive light burn for up to 60 minutes at the highest setting. But as with all quality cave dive lights, it can also be adjusted to 20%, 40% and 80% power to preserve battery life and adjust brightness levels to eliminate backscatter in murky water. Here’s the best part: Because divers can swap out batteries while underwater, the V3 Nemo Flood Light is perfect for longer dives and deeper explorations.

In addition to multiple power settings, the V3 Nemo Flood Light also features multiple different modes. Switch to one of the UV modes to enjoy a fluorescent cave dive, or light up an entire cavern with the wide-angle white floodlight or standard white floodlight mode.

Brightness, battery life and mode options aside, this dive light is also extremely lightweight without being flimsy. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, it can withstand even the toughest conditions up to 100m/328ft. Yet while exceptionally durable, it only weighs 800g/1.7lbs with the battery inserted, making it easy to maneuver even when holding it by hand. However, it also comes equipped with a GoPro bracket and ball mount – the options truly are endless.

Ultimately, the V3 Nemo Flood Light is the absolute best dive light for cave diving: bright, durable and powerful, cave divers can simply do no better.