Ultraviolet (UV) dive lights are relatively new to the market, but any diver who takes a splash at night, loves exploring coral reefs or simply wants to see an entirely new range of colors underwater, they’re a must-have. UV dive lights make it possible to see the brilliant colors of bioluminescence, stimulating single-cell organisms (like coral) so they show off in all of their glory. While there are several reliable UV dive lights out there, the V3 Nemo Flood Light is easily the best UV dive light money can buy.

With a stunning 15,000 lumens and wide 120-angle beam, divers can get a clear, brilliant view of massive stretches of coral thanks to the light’s 10 UV LEDs. But this light isn’t just any UV dive light – it also houses 18 Cree LEDs to create five different intensity levels and several handy modes, including a standard wide-angle white floodlight. There’s simply no other light on the market as bright as the V3 Nemo Flood Light, yet it still has an impressive 60-minute burn time at the highest setting.

Divers who want to keep their hands free while enjoying the colorful views will love the GoPro bracket and ball mount. Those who favor ease of use and maneuverability while diving in tight spaces to see every angle of the view also won’t be disappointed – weighing in at only 800g/1.7lbs with the battery inserted, the V3 feels like an extension of the diver rather than a separate, clunky tool.

The light’s 18V 2Ah Li-ion battery pack goes from zero to fully charged within just two hours, and because the V3 is designed to allow divers to change out battery packs underwater, the light will never be the determining factor of your dive time. The model is an upgrade to Nemo’s already impressive V2 dive light, yet still offers an unprecedented level of durability: it’s depth rated to 100m/328ft and its aircraft-grade anodized aluminum construction ensures that it can handle nearly any condition.

There are simply no two ways about it: The V3 Nemo Flood Light is not only the best UV dive light available, it’s the most powerful dive light in the world.