Underwater videography requires ultra-bright, balanced temperature lighting to fill in shadows, capture small details and infuse the resulting video with real-life, above-ground color. In the past, underwater videographers were relegated to oversized, bulky dive lights that were cumbersome to use and difficult to manipulate. But recent advances in technology have revolutionized how professional and hobby videographers capture stunning videos. And the newest release from Nemo Power Tools capitalizes on all of these advances while making several of its own. The result is the V3 Nemo Flood Light, easily the best dive light for underwater videos.

This hand-held beast emits an incredible 15,000 lumens at a 5000K color temperature using a combination of 18 Cree LEDs and 10 UV LEDs. The ultra-wide 120-degree beam angle makes illuminating a big area a breeze, and the five separate intensity levels allow underwater videographers to adjust the lighting to perfectly capture any space, in any condition. And with a 60-minute burn time at the highest intensity level, you’ll have plenty of time to capture incredible shots.

While the V3 Nemo Flood Light is, hands down, the brightest dive light on the market today, as most videographers know brightness is only one requirement of a solid dive light. You also need something lightweight yet indestructible; versatile yet simple to operate. The V3’s aircraft-grade aluminum housing protects the technology beneath it up to 100m/328ft, yet the entire light only weighs around 800g/1.7lbs, making it ultra-maneuverable. And not only does the V3 come with multiple accessories and mounting options, including a ball mount and GoPro bracket, it also allows divers to change out batteries underwater, dramatically extending the amount of filming time divers have.

When you combine the sheer power, versatility and strength of the V3 Nemo Flood Light, it’s easy to see why it’s the best dive light for underwater videos.