By using an underwater photography light system, divers can improve the sharpness, color saturation and clarity of their photos. Modern digital cameras, both DSLR and compact, are equipped with advanced focus systems, but they need to detect contrast and have a certain amount of light on the subject to work correctly. This is where a focus light comes in.

Divers have a wide variety of underwater focus lights to choose from, and each brand comes with its own unique features. However, the wide variety of light options on the market makes it quite a chore to decide which light to purchase. Here, we narrow things down with the top 3 underwater photography focus lights.

Sola Dive 800 & 1200

Sola dive lights are popular for their light weight, small size and easy operation. The availability of both flood and spot lights makes them perfect for diving. Both can be used as focus lights depending on the type of shot the diver is trying to get.

Light & Motion GoBe Light

The GoBe light is not only affordable, but also very lightweight. Because the light enables divers to swap out the light heads for different effects, the GoBe is a great light for newer photographers. It is also perfect for seasoned photographers who want light for a particular purpose or those who prefer all-in-one products.

I-Torch Venom 50

I-Torch has become very popular for creating powerful lights housed in a compact aluminum. The Venom 50 is a great option as a focus light as well as a video light. It has great features such as a 120-degree beam angle, 5000 lumens of brightness, 5 power modes and a battery power level indicator.

In conclusion, a good underwater photography focus light should be small and have a high capacity battery, but look for lights that have as much flexibility and versatility as possible.