When it comes to upping your underwater photography game, you will want to consider investing in a photography flashgun. These handy and effective camera accessories can change your underwater photography efforts for the better and improve your chances of getting an excellent underwater shot.

What is an underwater photography flashgun?

In the photography industry, underwater flashguns are also called strobe lights, and are an important piece of equipment for photographers looking to expand their skills beyond the land. Flashguns are easily attached to underwater cameras, or can be mounted on an accessory arm, which you can purchase at any camera supply store.

As light travels underwater, it is absorbed and diluted, making it difficult to get a clear photograph; however, using an underwater photography flashgun can greatly improve the quality and clarity of your pictures.

What are underwater photography flashguns used for?

Flashguns, or strobe lights, are commonly used for capturing great underwater still shots, as well as brightly-lit video recordings. If you’ve ever been underwater, you know how hard it can be see, especially if the water is not very clear. Flashguns cut through the dimness of the water and illuminate the object of your photo shoot so that you can get a clear, crisp photo.

Who should use an underwater photography flashgun?

If you are new to diving and underwater photography, don’t sell yourself short in thinking you don’t need the tools of the trade. Anyone who is interested in taking great underwater photos should invest in a decent flashgun. These lights can be switched to different settings to achieve different results: longer bursts of light or shorter bursts of light. There is a lot of fun to be had in playing with these settings to find out how they impact your photographs underwater, whether you are a newbie photographer or a seasoned underwater photographer.