If you’re looking to launch a career in underwater photography, it makes a lot of sense to have a thorough grounding of lighting and the behavior of water.

Photographing objects under water, whether coral reefs, marine animals or underwater habitats can be a daunting experience which can pose enormous challenges. But if you take the time to understand these problems as well as the properties of water, then you’re on course for a great career in underwater photography.

As you dive deeper underwater, light diminishes, and it can get confusing judging distances. Objects can also appear larger than they are because the refractive index of water is different than air. So, what are the best underwater photography lights of 2017 that enable you to conquer the darkness and get the best shot?

Sola Photo 800 & 1200

Due to their small size, Sola photo lights are beautiful, easy to operate and lightweight. They also feature a rechargeable battery. Sola Photo 1200 gives you a great light underwater with 1200 lumens. They also feature 800 lumens red light to help you navigate as well as sneak up on marine creatures.

I-Torch Venom 50

Housed in an aluminum casing, the I-Torch Venom 50 creates a powerful light underwater and excels when shooting videos. With its 5000 lumens, five power modes, 120-degree beam angle, battery level indicator, and other excellent features, it’s a great choice.

Kelvin 4x

This is the best underwater photography light in 2017 so far in our estimation. Its 4×6000 lumen video light and the 8×10,000 lumen video light is the highest you can find in underwater video light photography. They produce amazing color, are reliable and offer an excellent light beam. These are truly the pro’s choice.

GoBe Light and Motion

The GoBe light packs several benefits. Apart from being lightweight, it’s also affordable. It features red focus light, and it’s popular with novice divers since it’s easy to change light heads above water.

Ikelite Gamma

The Ikelite Gamma underwater photography light boasts 220 lumens and a durable machined aluminum body. It’s powered by two rechargeable batteries and comes in black, silver, and red. The burn time is 10 hours.