Several years ago, the three of us bonded instantly over diving – especially the thrill of splashing into the water late at night, exploring underwater caves, and snapping photos of our discoveries. Today, the three of us specialize in commercial night dives and also work as PADI certified diving instructors, teaching other divers how to safely and enjoyably explore the ocean at night.

Given our love of the ocean’s darkest corners, dive lights are easily one of the most important and used pieces of diving equipment we work with. Over the course of our careers, we’ve used hundreds of different dive lights, and manufacturers from all over the world regularly send us new prototypes and products to test out. We realized that this gave us the perfect opportunity to give other diving enthusiasts in-depth information on the best products for their specific needs, so we opened this blog with the goal of sharing our knowledge and experiences.

We’re always reviewing new products and adding general guides and tip articles to DiveLight, so stick around!

A Note on Affiliate Links

This blog is just another way for us to enjoy our hobby-turned-profession, and we pour hours of our free time into keeping it updated, all while funding the operation ourselves. To help keep the blog going, we include affiliate links in our reviews and articles. What’s that mean? Amazon and other retailers still charge you the same price they would have if you went to their site on your own, but they kick us a few bucks for the referral.

This in no way affects how or why we review products. We guarantee 100% honesty and transparency, and we’ll always give you all the details on every product we review – the good, the bad, and the ugly.