There are several different types of dive light styles available on the market today. Of these, canister dive lights are one of the most popular. Canister dive lights are specially designed for cave and scuba diving. They are one of the most powerful primary lights you can buy, and often have several grips and mounting options so you have lots of flexibility. These lights have been embraced by cave divers, technical divers, and wreck divers as their go-to primary light.

There are a wide range of canister lights out there. And there are a few factors you need to consider if you are looking to buy a canister dive light. Whether you are a technical or recreational diver, you can get high quality underwater cave dive lights to support your diving goals. How you plan to use the light will largely determine which one you should invest in.

Canister lights are generally costly when compared to other dive lights. This is due to their complex design, the cost of the light’s components, as well as the cost of service and maintenance.

When it comes to bulbs, HID and LED are the go-to for this style of dive light. LED bulbs are, however, the choice for most divers because they don’t need much time to heat up. In addition, LED bulbs are more stable and less likely to burn out on you prematurely. With that said, HID bulbs are still preferred by some videographers due to the light’s color balance.

Another factor that makes canister dive lights a favorable choice is that many use external battery packs. This way, their burn time is prolonged and the user can change the batteries underwater. Lithium polymer is now commonly used as a power source instead of lead gel or NIMH.

Besides the bulb’s efficiency and the power source, you need to also consider the canister’s material, its burn time, and the style of grip. And remember, experience is sometimes the best teacher. Therefore, test out a few different styles of canister dive lights to get an idea as to what will work best for your specific needs.