Many amateur and even professional divers may face difficulties taking photographs in caves due to low light conditions. Specialized lighting equipment is needed. To counteract these problems, dive photographers need quality dive lights to take amazing photos. Here are a few of the best photography cave dive lights on the market.

UK Light Cannon eLED

The Cannon eLED dive light produces 825 lumens of brightness on high power and 530 lumens on low power to perfectly illuminate dark caves for photo taking.

The dive light provides a beam distance of 520′ (158.5 meters) in high-mode and 431′ (131.4 meters) in low-mode on land. The beam is wide enough to scan dark caves in low light conditions. Moreover, a dive photographer can insert colored and diffuser filters inside the unit for incredible photo shooting effects.

The Cannon eLED Light features a robust construction to protect the components of the unit. It is powered by 8 disposable C-cell alkaline batteries. With alkaline batteries the light has a burn time of 9 hours on the high power setting and 14 hours on low.

LED Lenser D14.2

The LED Lenser D14.2 dive light is packed with many features, making it an ideal option for dive photographers who are looking for a high output dive torch. The high powered LED dive light produces 400 lumens on high mode. It also has a low mode setting allowing cave photographers to tailor brightness according to their needs.

  • This photography cave dive light allows divers to switch between low and high settings. It offers a maximum beam range of 200 meters on land.
  • The unit comes with a secure wrist lanyard making it convenient for photographers to shoot photos.
  • Heavy duty construction. The dive light features a shockproof polycarbonate body and stainless steel head.
  • Burn time: Up to 15 hours on low.

ScubaPro Nova 230

The Nova 230 dive light is an extremely powerful LED light with an output of 250 lumens and a burn time of 18 to 20 hours. This primary light makes a perfect photography cave dive light due to its rugged aluminum construction and long burn time.

  • Beam angle: 9 – 10 degrees
  • High Intensity White L.E.D. light travels farther underwater for maximum visibility and truer colors
  • State of the art ultra bright L.E.D. Technology
  • Shock and Impact resistant L.E.D. bulb
  • Battery: 3 C-Cell
  • Depth rating: 393 feet