Of the three main dive lights available, LED torches provide the best value for money. Unlike HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights, LED torches cost less and are more durable. They also illuminate your surroundings much more efficiently than conventional lights. Seac’s Sub R10 dive light is one of the better options for an LED torch.

Build Quality

Engineered from high-quality machined aluminum, the R10 feels great in the hand. The metal build makes for a tough, hard wearing, corrosion-resistant torch. However, Seac could have done a bit better if they had chosen to add a non-slip or textured finish to the handle. The Seac Sub R10’s handle tends to be a bit slippery while wearing gloves. Nonetheless, a torch strap is provided for easy carrying.

With a tempered optical glass, illumination remains unhindered. The double O-ring seal keeps the torch functional and water tight. It has an electromagnetic switch, which goes a long way in preventing wear. All of this comes at a moderate weight – the torch weighs only 1.75 pounds (790g).

Light Quality

The R10 beam is quite bright, managing 500-999 lumens. It has 3 CREE XPG LEDs that are efficient and effective for lighting. Seac equipped the R10 with three power settings: maximum power, reduced power, and blinking. Activated by the push of a button (electromagnetic switch), the settings are easy to switch between at will. It is also important to note that the torch is recommended for depths not exceeding 330 feet (100 meters).

Power Source

Powered by 8 AA batteries, the torch has an impressive battery life of 70 hours on the lowest setting, and up to 2 hours at full power. That should be more than enough for a single dive. The switch can be locked, keeping the torch off until needed.


  • Bright, white light
  • Premium, durable build
  • Lockable switch
  • Long battery life
  • Electromagnetic switch as opposed to a mechanical switch


  • Slippery, smooth finish
  • Thick 2.4″ diameter can be quite a handful