The top-rated Light & Motion GoBE 700 dive light is a favorite around here, and here’s why.

Light & Motion GoBE 700 Features

  • Has a 700 lumen output that is certified to the FL-1 standard.
  • This dive light is developed with a depth rating that is waterproof to 390 feet.
  • Has a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a burn time of up to 12 hours at low beam intensity and 1.5 hours at high intensity.
  • Custom-engineered lens and top-level CREE LED technology.
  • Has a pistol-type grip handle.
  • Relatively small size at 4.9″ x 1.9″ x 1.9″ and 6.3 oz in weight.


  • With a 700 lumen output, Light & Motion GoBE 700 dive light provides a larger and more consistent flow of light than most other dive lights. This is a big advantage, especially if you are a diver going heading into deep and/or dark waters.
  • A 390 feet waterproof depth range is perfect for both beginner divers and professionals. You will dive up to 390 feet without worrying about water pressure infiltrating your dive light and spoiling it.
  • The rechargeable battery eliminates the need to constantly purchase batteries, and this specific type can go from dead to fully charged in as little as 4 1/2 hours.
  • The burn time of up to 12 hours in low beam intensity means that you can do a lot with the dive light without worrying about power running low or completely dying out.
  • The custom-engineered lens and top-level CREE LED technology used in the manufacture of this diving gadget is important for shining quality light. With the lens, you can adjust light to fit your needs.
  • The pistol-style grip handle is important for easy movement in water. Unlike the lantern-style handles, pistol-type ones are easy to maneuver and shine on objects.
  • The small-size dimension is important for an easy-grip. The size is also relatively weightless when compared to the big-sized dive lights available in the market.


  • The 390 feet waterproof depth rating might not be deep enough for the highly-experienced divers. However, if you are just starting or prefer to stay closer to the surface, this depth rating is perfect.
  • This dive light does not provide lots of lumen output (700) when compared to other dive lights that can reach up to 1200 lumens. However, this is enough for most diving situations since you can still shine enough light and capture great images of sea objects with it.

All in all, this is a solid, flexible dive light. We particularly light the fact that it has multiple intensity settings as well as the fact that it has an SOS function so you can use it to signal fellow divers.