Are you in search of a great and durable diving light? Or do you seek to replace your faulty one? Do not search anymore as there is a high-quality diving light on the market today. Due to the numerous brands on sale today, it is becoming hard to pick the best, but the UK C4 light stands up to testing with ease.


One should be able to look for a diving light that is waterproof to the depth they plan to dive. The UK C4 works up to 500ft without malfunctioning.

High brightness xenon filled lamp

This particular diving light features 6.6watt brightness. This implies that you will have enough light to see through the water up to the recommended depth. You won’t need additional lighting outside of your standard backup secondary light.

4-5 burn hours

The battery can burn for more than 5 hours continuously, without the need for you to recharge. This ensures that you spend as much time as you need underwater with no interruptions.

139 lumens extend to 130ft

The measure of brightness of this diving light is enough for one to see clearly underwater. The dual lamp system allows for safety backup and 60 hours of total lamp life.

Small Size

Despite the incredible light output, the UK C4 is surprisingly compact and lightweight.


  • Perfect lighting
  • Energy efficient
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Reasonable price
  • Portable


The burn time may not be suitable for all divers