We pay a lot of attention to the dive lights themselves, but the accessories you keep on hand matter as well. These accessories offer extra functionality and facilitate optimal performance to ensure your time underwater is as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

Some exciting and useful accessories you can choose from include:


A lanyard will keep your dive light safely within reach so that you can easily retrieve it when need be. Depending on the flexibility of the lanyard you choose, you can also use it to carry additional items such as cameras. This makes things easy for you when underwater, as you do not have to reach far or in hard-to-access pockets whenever you are in need of the light or any other item. It also gives you protection should you accidentally let go of the light’s handle – with it securely attached to your wrist, the light won’t sink.

Light Mounts

It can be difficult or even impossible to do anything with your hands and hold a dive light at the same time. However, a light mount solves this problem by allowing you to turn your handheld light into a hands-free light. Light mounts come in various designs; they can be worn on the head, at the back of the hand, or on the arm. Usually, they are just made of a flexible cloth or strap that holds the light securely at your desired position.

Fluorescence Filters

These accessories equip ordinary LED dive lights with the ability to block blue light that is usually reflected back to a diver when observing bio-luminescent organisms. Without the filter, the different shades of light emitted by such organism would not be seen, as the light from the organisms is usually very dim and overpowered by the blue light generated by dive lights. Filters are also available to alter the color and intensity of the dive light completely.