When traveling with dive lights, it is a good idea to pack them at the top of your bag of diving gear. This is because the dive lights tend to be among the lighter items that you pack to take with you on a diving trip, and you don’t want them to get crushed by heavy oxygen tanks, especially if your diving kit will be going in the hold of a plane or in a pile of other divers’ luggage on a bouncy jeep ride. Keeping the lights in a special hard-shelled container is also a great practice when traveling as it gives those crucial little lights an additional level of security.

It can be tempting to purchase new dive lights before you head off to a new diving spot on holiday. This can be a brilliant idea, but always remember the golden rule: test out your lights at least once before you travel with them. It is always best to get used to the lights and to sort out any issues with them in the familiar environment of your weekly dive spot, or in a swimming or training pool.

The final installment in our list of dive light travel tips is: always pack some spares. On holiday, items can get lost at airports, get stolen (unfortunately), or simply get misplaced. If there is a particular dive light brand that you love, try to purchase an identical replacement and keep the lights in different locations, both on the journey to your destination and at the destination itself. That way, if you lose one light you will instantly be able to replace it.