To most deep sea divers, dive lights come in handy during underwater exploration. Otherwise, it can be a daunting task trying to navigate underwater without this important accessory beside you. Below are 2 of the best waterproof flashlights for diving you can purchase today.

LED Lenser – D14 Diving Flashlight

This neon-yellow colored waterproof flashlight can be used both underwater and on land. In addition, its performance characteristics are absolutely amazing and top notch with 135 lumens at your disposal. On top of that, its battery life proves to be sufficient with a maximum burn time of 4 hours before you have to recharge it again. It is waterproof, and you can dive as deep as 197 feet (90m) without it giving out. A unique characteristic of this flashlight, though, is its ability to withstand the effect of refraction underwater. This is made possible by the axial collimator integrated into the torch.

ScubaPro Scuba Underwater Diving Lights

Another impressive option you can go for is the ScubaPro Scuba Underwater Diving Light. It is compact, lightweight and can serve you as a backup light. Its high intensity is what makes it a perfect diving flashlight for backup purposes. However, you can use it as a primary dive light if you’re diving for recreational purposes during the day.

What to look for in the best waterproof flashlights for diving

Now that you have 2 of the best waterproof flashlights to choose from, here are 5 key things you should always keep in mind when you are on the market for a new torch. There is comfort, or grip security, the size and shape of the beam, level of power, light output, and ease of use.