A dive light is an amazing piece of equipment to invest in. However, caring for its components can be time consuming. This is especially true for O-rings, which are insipid yet highly important components that have an enormous influence on a dive light’s performance. Not sure how you should care for these O-rings? Here are some do’s and don’ts.


Read the instruction manual thoroughly: There are different kinds of O-rings available on the market. While some of them are detachable and can be cleaned by users, others are not removable. As a user, it is your responsibility to find out about the maintenance requirements of your dive light O-rings. Rifle through the information manual meticulously and take the necessary steps.

Clean the O-ring with warm water: To clean the O-rings properly, run them under warm water.

Clean the groove where the O-ring rests on the dive light: You can use a super soft toothbrush as long as you’re gentle.

Lubricate the O-ring with silicone grease: Add a few drops of silicone grease to your fingertips and run them over the ring once it’s clean and dry. Don’t add too much grease as over-lubrication can attract sand and foreign particles.

Make sure it fits perfectly: While fitting the O-ring into the groove after cleaning, make sure it is not twisted or off-center.


Don’t let dry salt accumulate: Dry salt is dangerous for these rings. Always use fresh water for cleaning. If fresh water is unavailable, leave the O-rings in the rinse tank until you’re ready to properly clean them.

Don’t dry the O-rings with anything: Paper towels and regular towels can leave lint behind, ruining the O-rings’ ability to seal. Air drying is ideal, but some manufacturers allow for use of a microfiber towel or chamois.

O-rings are delicate components that require special care and maintenance. Taking the extra time to care for them properly lengthens their lifespans and the lifespan of your dive light.