Pipeline dive lights are used by professionals for numerous underwater tasks. These dive lights come in handy in pipeline diving in low light conditions. These navigation lights are widely available in sports equipment stores.

Professional pipeline divers understand the significance of these lights for exploring dark pipeline environments during the night. Lack of adequate lighting to maneuver through a pipeline is not fun at all. Moreover, it can be a very dangerous affair.

Pipeline diving lights produce a very bright beam that illuminates a large area. The lights help in navigation as they clearly reveal a pipeline’s subtleties.

While daytime pipeline divers might be content with a low-lumen dive light, most underwater pipeline divers will want a more intense light.

Advantages of pipeline dive lights:

  • They produce a very bright and wide beam.
  • The light penetrates well into tight crevices and have good battery life.
  • The dive light is excellent, powerful, versatile and easy to use.
  • Comes with multiple power settings to adjust brightness and manage battery life.

When selecting a pipeline diving light, its important to ensure the equipment lasts at least twice as long as the estimated dive time. It is also essential to look at depth ratings to be sure the equipment will hold up under pressure. Typically, a good quality dive light will have a rating of at least 100 meters.

Pipeline diving lights come with certain accessories to finish the outfitting process. To attach the dive light to the arm or body, the dive light needs lanyards and clips so as to protect the equipment from getting lost.

It is unsafe and impossible to work without at least two quality pipeline dive lights – one as a primary light, and one as a backup light.

The best dive lights recommended for working on pipelines include:

  • ScubaPro Nova 230
  • UK Light Cannon eLED
  • UK SL4 eLED L1