Though many divers often assume that buying a light needs to be an expensive purchase from a specialty store, it actually isn’t the only way to get a quality light for a great price. Believe it or not, your local Walmart may have the dive light you’ve been searching for in stock right now from a brand you actually recognize. The following can be ordered through Walmart, often for less than what you’d pay for the same model at a stand-alone dive shop.

Dorcy 180 Lumen Submersible Dive Light

The Dorcy 180 Lumen Dive Light is a great handheld light for diving up to 100 meters. With an exceptionally bright beam, compact body, and inexpensive price tag, this light is perfect for short distance diving. The triple O-ring seal makes this one of the most durable, reliable lights you can buy from the big box retailer.

Underwater Kinetics UV-395 Box Dive Light

For just a few dollars more than the Dorcy model, Underwater Kinetics offers this dive light. With 400 lumens and a stunning ten hours of burn time, this light can illuminate murky waters with ease and makes for the perfect secondary light on night dives. A compact size, penetrating beam, and complete waterproof reliability make this dive light a reliable and inexpensive option for amateurs and professionals alike.

Bigblue TL18000P Technical Dive Light

An exceptional primary dive light for professional divers, the TL18000P boasts an incredible 18,000 lumens to light up even the darkest depths. With a maximum depth of 100 meters, four different brightness modes, an SOS setting, and a maximum of thirty hours of use, this light offers everything you’ll ever need in a main dive light.

All of these exceptional dive lights, and more, are available online at, in select stores, or can be ordered at your local Walmart. No specialty stores or overpricing required.