Curious about how bright a dive light can be? Here are some of our favorite, brightest dive lights.

Cressi Frogman 20000

This dive light is known not just for its brightness, but its excellent performance, size, and reliability. The size of the light and its beam make it an excellent choice for diving (even if this is your only source of light). It has a reinforced nylon wrist lanyard and is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. This dive light lasts up to 3 hours with continuous usage and up to 15 hours if you opt for a dimmer mode.

Dive Rite LX20

Offering 20,000 LUX and a depth rating of up to 500ft, this small and light (less than 1.5 lbs.) dive light has four rechargeable li-ion batteries. Designed as a primary light, its 6-degree concentrated light beam reflects off a polished metal reflector to cut through water, lighting the way for novices and professionals alike.

Light & Motion Sola Video Spot/Flood 2500

One of the most compact and brightest lights available, this device stuns with a whopping 2,500 lumens of flood light and a 1,200 lumen spot beam. Considered as an “insanely bright” dive light, this is easy to operate and equipped with colored status indicators that measure battery and power levels.

Sealife Sea Dragon Flash SL963

This fiber-reinforced polycarbonate dive light with stainless steel hardware emits 2,500 lumens in a quick burst, and can add light to your underwater images down to 200ft. The powerful flash has an effective range of up to 8 feet/2.5 m. Several power adjustments and large controls make it easy to fine tune for the perfect photo.

Mangrove Video Lighting System MVS 7L6M

An industry breakthrough, this underwater wide beam video light has an external battery canister connected to a light head. It emits up to 11,250 lumens and has a depth rating of up to 200ft. It is designed as a primary video and photography light for professional divers.