There’s a benefit to heading to a dive shop prior to purchasing your next primary or secondary dive light – you can demo dive lights before you make your final decision. Some diving shops will allow you to take a few different dive lights out for a spin before the purchase is completed. This policy enables potential buyers to check whether the lights are up to their standards and fit their needs. The number of dive lights available to demo will vary by shop, but you can typically test out the most popular makes and models.

But first, narrow down your choices to save time by keeping these factors in mind:

Price. Ensure that you stay within your budget prior to choosing lights for testing. This will enable you to keep your diving activities sustainable and therefore enjoyable in the long term.

Depth. Are you using the light for deep diving (more than 100 ft ) or shallow recreational diving? Failure to use a light of the appropriate depth rating could lead to leaks and damage.

Diving conditions. If your diving activities take place in tropical water then you need a light designed for that situation. This applies to all other conditions, including muddy or cold water.

Style. Dive lights come in a variety of styles, and each variation has a special function. Night and cave divers will need bright, narrow beam dive lights, while photographers will need a focus light and a strobe light for the best pictures.

What are the benefits of testing dive lights prior to purchase?

  • The demo dive allows a potential buyer to check whether the depth rating is sufficient for their diving activities.
  • The buyer can check whether the lights are in good working condition and meet their expectations.
  • A demo dive allows a potential buyer to check the battery and ascertain whether it is reliable and consistent.
  • A demo dive is the best way to ensure that a potential buyer is comfortable with and confident in the dive light.