Underwater photography strobe lights are essential for dive photographers, replicating the flash of a camera used on land. Because light acts differently in water, a stronger flash that what is available on most cameras is necessary to properly illuminate a shot. The cost and performance of photography strobe lights vary, but there are a lot of good choices on the market today. Here are three of our favorites, and the ones that experienced dive photographers turn to again and again.

Ikelite Underwater Sub Strobe

The Ikelite Underwater Strobe is one of the best strobes out there. The strobe is very efficient, and it has a long-lasting battery that is rechargeable. The gadget delivers quality light that helps divers illuminate their shot reliably and consistently. It has a round flash tube with a reflector that is coated with powder to give soft and evenly-distributed light coverage.

Olympus UFL-3 Underwater Strobe Flash

The Olympus underwater flash is also a good strobe to use. The strobe is portable, and its shape is convenient. The probe has a round reflector that helps distribute the light evenly. It has a 2 second recycle time, and is built to work with Olympus’s underwater cameras and camera housings, although you can use it with other brands. The light is bright, reliable, and has a 246ft depth rating.

Sea and Sea YS-250 PRO

This strobe is one of the best when it comes to digital photography, and also one of the brightest strobe lights on the market. This underwater strobe has 12 power levels so you’re always in control, it has a wide, warm beam, and a built-in LED target light. It has a recycle time of 1.8 seconds, and a depth rating of 200ft. The device can withstand harsh conditions easily, and constantly out-performs other strobe lights in its class.