The secret to an incredible deep water dive is finding the strongest dive light. While under water, your ability to view the hidden creatures and extraordinary caves makes or breaks your experience. A good light allows you to see in color and not in shades of blue and gray. Currently, there are multiple types of dive lights on the market. Here are a few ways to identify the strongest gadget to use for your next dive.

Power Source of the Dive Light

Every dive light has a power source, unless you’re dealing with snap glow sticks. However, the sturdiness of a torch is partially determined by the kind of battery it uses. Durable dive lights have a rechargeable battery. These types of batteries allow you to charge your light prior to each dive, and tend to warm up faster and stay bright for longer than lights that use disposable batteries.

Lighting Technology

When choosing the strongest torch for diving, one has to consider the lighting technology utilized. LED lights offer brilliant performance as well as energy efficiency. Their improved brightness, compared to other types of bulbs, gives you a crystal clear view of almost everything surrounding you.

High Depth Rating

All dive lights have a depth rating, which determines how deep you can go with your light before you risk damaging the tool. Lights with high depth ratings give you more versatility when diving, and offer a bit of leeway when you’re on your excursion. If you plan to dive down to 50ft, having a light rated to at least 100ft means even if you drop the light or go a little past your desired depth, the light won’t malfunction.


There are numerous brands of dive lights out there. However, there are several that are well known for their sturdiness. Scubapro, Tovatec, and Underwater Kinetics are all well known for producing reliable, strong dive lights for novices and professionals alike.