Scuba diving lights are used in a variety of different diving circumstances, such as during night dives, wreck or cave diving, or even as lighting on an overcast day. Safety in diving is important and that is why every diver should carry at least two scuba diving torches (three if you’re cave diving).

Typically, your primary light will be a much brighter light than your back up. It is common for many novices to think that the brighter the light, the better the product; however, this isn’t always the case. For example, if the water has lots of particles floating around, you may find that your ultra-bright light is bouncing off of the particles and making it difficult to see.  Even underwater photographers will not use too bright a light as it will scare off fish and may cause hot spots on pictures. A 30W LED light will be adequate for any photography lighting. Recreational divers will find that a 5W LED light should be good enough for their needs. However, a cave diver or wreck diver may need something a little stronger.

Understand your needs before buying a dive light and taking a dip. A cheap $30 dive torch will work, but it will never give you the brightness or durability that you need if you dive even semi-regularly. For torches, it is worth investing in a good, durable metal torch that will give you at least several years of use. The last thing you want is your torch failing when you’re on your next night dive.

Burn time is also important: look for torches that will give you a burn time of at least twice as long as you want to dive. Consider the batteries that are used too; disposable batteries can end up costing a lot over the lifetime of the torch. However, several torches use rechargeable batteries that will last you forever. Finally, look at depth ratings. Some torches are good for only 30m or less, and with repeated dives at around that depth these lights can fail and leak easily.

Take the above points into consideration when buying your next scuba diving torch and you will find a good quality light that will last a long time.