A pistol grip dive light can be a fantastic addition to any dive kit. The ergonomic design of these types of lights makes them comfortable to hold even during long dives, and they usually pack a powerful punch in terms of the strength of their beam.

What is a pistol grip dive light?

A pistol grip dive light is a waterproof light that has a roughly right angular shape. The vertical handle is topped off at the end by a horizontal light barrel, with a forward facing hold. As its name suggests, this style of dive light looks like a pistol; because of this, it tends to be easier to hold than simple barrel-shaped lights as the diver’s hand fits more naturally around a vertical handle (as opposed to the horizontal bodies of torch shaped lights, which can put strain on the forearm and elbow over time).

Pistol grip handles as adaptive accessories

It is also possible to turn a regular flashlight style dive light into a pistol grip dive light by attaching a pistol grip handle to it. These vertical handles are designed to slide onto the body of the light and give it that ergonomic pistol shape that so many divers love.

What to look out for when purchasing a pistol grip dive light

One of the main selling points of this style of light is the fact that it is easy to grasp. The last thing that you want during a dive is for your flashlight to slip from your grasp into some eerie seaweed or sharp, dangerous rocks, never to be seen again. Good pistol grip dive lights will have rubberized (or similar) handles that are ridged for better grip. Many have a ‘trigger’ section which is simply a hook for the diver’s fingers which aids in balance and grip. Look out for these features when purchasing a pistol grip dive light, as well as other classic features such as the strength of the beam and the battery life.