Using a dive light can be a tricky, especially considering that you need to hold on to your guideline while diving into caves and wrecks, and often need to use both hands for other tasks, whether you want to move a heavier rock to peek underneath or you’re a professional diving welder working on a ship. This, in turn, can make performing other tasks with your hands almost impossible. For this reason, you need a dive light with a decent handle that provides the highest level of comfort while in motion.

Dive lights built with Goodman grips come with a glove or brace that slips over your hand. This feature allows divers to keep the light in position, while still maintaining the full use of their hands.

Benefits of dive lights with a Goodman grip

Although there numerous handle designs referred to as Goodman, their benefits usually revolve around offering the diver free hand mobility underwater. For instance, this handle can make peering into crevices, wrecks or caves a hassle-free experience.

It is also an essential and convenient option when you need to shoot or film your diving expeditions. A torch with a Goodman handle often comes in handy for divers using a reel. Rather than waving around in all directions whilst video filming, it keeps the light steady. Therefore it provides a continuous source of light during cave diving or night diving, allowing you to freely and conveniently capture everything you see underwater.

Moreover, it makes underwater communication an effortless task. In case of an emergency, it enables you to signal your dive partner with ease, without worrying about dropping the dive light. In addition, because it keeps the right form and fit on your hand, it proves suitable for long decompression dives or for dives at great depths.