Having a reliable diving torch for diving is very important, and an investment that requires research and testing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will need a diving torch for safety and visibility. It can allow you to see and reach areas that are dark and inaccessible. When diving towards the crevices or at night, you require a bright white light so that you can see properly. The only reliable source of this light is a diving torch, preferably with an LED bulb. There are plenty of brands, styles, and dive torch types to choose from. Whether you want to purchase a torch for the first time or are planning to replace your existing torch, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Check the Lumen Output

Nowadays the majority of underwater torches are designed to have LED bulbs so that they produce the brightest light efficiently. Depending on the type of dive, some torches can produce too bright a light, while others fail to offer the required level of illumination. Dive torch brightness is indicated by Lumens – the higher the number, the brighter the light.

Consider the Power Source

Another important factor to consider is the source of power. You will have to choose between a rechargeable or a non-rechargeable diving torch. A rechargeable diving torch is recommended for a diver who spends most of the time underwater. They allow divers to explore and make the most out of their dive, and eliminate the need to constantly buy new batteries. However, you might consider a non-rechargeable torch if you do not go diving on a regular basis.

Inspect the Material and Ergonomics

Before buying your diving torch consider the grip type, body material, and the switch type. Always choose a diving torch that meets your needs and is easy to handle when you are underwater.