Many scuba divers from around the world enjoy night diving as, during this time, the dive sites take a completely new life because they are littered with different creatures, helping you see the world from a different angle. If you want to start diving, then you should arm yourself with dive glow sticks to get a more focused view of the sea as you dive. In addition to dive lights, you will need a set of dive glow sticks that are relatively affordable so your diving buddies can keep track of you and so you can mark your path.

How Dive Glow Sticks Work

Due to their small size, dive glow sticks should be attached to your tank valve or snorkel, which makes it easier for others to identify your location whether you are on the surface or underwater. There are two types of dive glow sticks: chemical sticks and battery powered. The former is usually made of an outer plastic tube that has a thin glass tube on the inside. This tube contains two chemicals. To produce light, you need to bend the tube to break the inner glass. Doing so forces the two chemicals to mix producing an awesome light.

Battery powered glow sticks are the most preferred glow sticks because they are environmentally friendly. These glow sticks function like a flashlight with the only difference being that their bulbs are encased in a completely transparent plastic casing. Many divers these days prefer these devices because as they are economical, easy to use, and reliable.

Many dive glow sticks are disposable, even some of those that utilize batteries – however, remain a courteous diver, and don’t leave glow sticks underwater. To make sure you always have a few on hand, you can buy bulk sets so you never have to worry about running out.