There are many dive light options out there. While it can be overwhelming to think about making the right choice, the convenience of wrist-mounted dive lights can be very appealing to many divers.

Here are several models to consider when searching for the right wrist-mounted dive light:

Underwater Kinetics 12516 Aqua Lite S

This 500-lumen, eLED waterproof dive light is equipped with a rechargeable, user-replaceable battery and four different power settings. When running at its highest power setting, it has a battery life of 96 minutes. The Aqua Lite S has a depth rating of 500.00 ft or 152.40 m. This dive light comes in two different beam configurations. The wider, 90-degree beam can be used to increase visibility when filming or taking pictures. The narrower, 20-degree beam is brighter and can be used as the main source of light during a dive.

Sola Dive 1200SF

This is an LED model that will provide a maximum of 1200 lumens when using the flood beam and 500 lumens when using its spot beam. It is depth rated to 328.08 ft or 100 m. Its rechargeable battery has a burn time of 70 minutes when running at the highest of its three power settings. The Sola Dive 1200SF has the benefit of providing versatility to its owners; in addition to the wrist mount option, it has a wide variety of other mounts available as well.

LX20 BLEM Handheld Primary Light

This LED dive light model gives off 20,000 LUX and is depth rated to a depth of 500 ft or 152.4 m. Its rechargeable battery has a battery life of 4 hours (240 minutes). The LX20 BLEM is equipped with four settings: high power, medium power, low power, and strobe mode. When paired with a wrist-mount, it would be a good option for night diving and exploration.

Although brief, hopefully this list can shine a spotlight on some good options for reliable wrist-mounted dive lights.