Do you like to explore the underwater world? Mask-mounted dive lights are one of the best tools to add to your equipment collection, especially when you want to keep your hands free as often as possible. Because it’s attached to your mask, the light always shines wherever you’re looking, and keeps your hands free to maneuver. Generally, mask-mounted dive lights function as a primary light for day dives, but you’ll need to keep a smaller, handheld light on you to act as a secondary light and to look into small, dark areas.

How to choose the best dive light?

Divers can rate dive lights on a scale of 1 (bad light) to 5 (perfect light) when submitting reviews. However, the following factors are important to consider as well:

  • Switches and controls are simple and easy to use
  • Good size, shape, weight, and balance so the light is comfortable when attached to your mask
  • The brightness and, of course, the quality of the beam
  • The capacity to adjust the brightness

What is the best mask-mounted dive light to buy?

The Tonelife 150M Mini Diving Mask Light is one of the best products you can buy on the market – it is the perfect light for your mask.

General features:

  • It uses CREE XML2-U4 LED lights
  • You can clip it on the mask strap or keep it in your pocket
  • Made of aluminum and sandblasted in black
  • The weight is 39g
  • The light beam is white
  • The light output is 120 lumens
  • Uses AA batteries or a rechargeable 14500 Li-ion battery
  • Waterproof up to 200 meters
  • The beam distance is about 130 meters
  • The battery will last for 1.3 hours
A high-quality mask with an attached light will surely be more comfortable and provide you with better visibility when you’re exploring during your dive. Have a good time, and be safe!