A dive light is essential for any diver. It’s important that you choose the right lamp – one that is easy to use and reliable. This guide will look at the different types of grips available on cave dive lights.

Pistol Grip Light

A pistol grip dive light is perfect as a primary dive light. It is held below the light which makes it easy to rotate and aim the light in a particular direction. The lights are normally light weight and very easy to handle. The pistol grip light is probably the most popular style. It’s possible to find these in a wide variety of sizes and power levels.

Lantern Grip

Some people prefer to use a lantern grip style light. It all depends on the style you prefer. A lantern style light is easier to place on a rock and might be easier for some people to swim with.

Wrist Mount Lights

Some lights can be attached to your wrist. This makes it easy to enjoy hands-free diving. The light will be directed in which ever way your wrist is pointing.

Head Mount Lights

Divers can also use head mount lights for another hands free diving option. These are perfect if you are swimming through confined spaces and want to keep your hands free. They are also ideal for videography underwater.

Compact Lights

Compact lights look much more like regular flash lights. These are ideal for emergency use in case your main primary light stops working. These compact lights are also ideal for looking in tiny cracks and tight spaces. A backup light, also known as a secondary light, is an essential purchase.

The type of grip you choose depends on which you find easier to use. It’s worth trying some of the different styles out to see how they feel in your hand. You want them to be light and easy to handle both on land and under the water.