One challenge that most divers, especially novice and aspiring divers, face is the relatively high cost of dive lights. New divers often find it prudent to start their diving activities with budget friendly dive lights and upgrade to more expensive lights as they perfect their diving skills.

The good news – the market is awash with inexpensive dive lights that you can choose from and still enjoy your time in the water. You can get inexpensive yet reliable dive lights for less than $100.

Benefits of inexpensive dive lights

Despite the fact that these lights are low-priced, their basic operations are the same as that of their mid-range and even high-end dive light counterparts. They have reasonable illumination capacities, noted by their lumen output, and have reasonable battery burn times. For a new diver, they offer everything needed without increasing the price tag with unnecessary features.

What to check for in a budget dive light

The brightness of the light should be the primary factor you look at. Consider the lumen rating of the light as this is an indicator of the level of brightness the light delivers. The angle of the light should be considered as well. The depth rating might not be as high as that of the more expensive lights, but most novice divers aren’t going down to 200+ft at first.

Some recommended inexpensive dive lights include:

  • ScubaPro Scuba Diving Lights
  • PCm LED 2 Dive Light
  • Tonelife TL3221 Lights Scuba for Diving 1000lm Cree Xm Flash Torch
  • BlueFire 1100 Lumen Cree XM-L2

These are not the only inexpensive dive lights, but they represent some of the best and most affordable lights to suit your needs.