A shallow water dive light is ideal for both nighttime and daytime dives. It is typically bright and should have a battery pack that delivers a considerable burn time at high power. It should be sturdily constructed so that it lasts. The power source should be rechargeable or disposable batteries, and the features available should offer you maximum versatility on shallow dives.

These dive lights are available with lantern-style grips or pistol-style grips, but no matter what style you choose, test it in your hand to ensure it’s comfortable. Before buying a shallow water dive light, consider your needs as well as the environmental factors of where you plan to dive. Shallow waters can be stunning, but they also often feature murkier water and more physical obstacles.

There are plenty of shallow water dive lights on the market, and Blue Fire’s version is a solid example of a well performing light. Make sure any shallow water dive light you choose has similar or better features.

Blue Fire 1100 Lumen CREE XM-L2

The BlueFire 1100 Lumen Cree XM-L2 is an excellent shallow water dive light for depths of up to 50 feet. It works perfectly for illuminating hidden areas under rocks and in crevices. The LED is super bright, but after about two hours of continuous use, the batteries start to die. The light pattern is fantastic for shallow waters. It’s brilliant in the center and gives a dimmer wide angle light around the center of the beam, preventing flashback in murky waters. The twist on/off base is simple to use.

It’s also sturdily constructed and can withstand drops and bumps against underwater rocks without any problems. The beam extends about 10 feet out. If you’re looking for lobsters, crabs and other shallow water fish, this is the light to own. You can use this light for wide angle illumination, professional photography in shallow waters, videography in shallow waters, and also nighttime search and rescue operations. This is an ideal dive light for the novice or recreational diver and at less than $15, it’s worth every penny.