GoPro is the newest sensation in the world of cameras, and it’s a fantastic tool for underwater videographers as well as recreational divers. But as amazing as this product is, it needs a dive light to go along with it. Dive lights for GoPro cameras are very useful in bringing back the natural colors of the underwater world and help photographers and videographers capture all of the details. Waterproof GoPro cameras have a mechanism to attach the light to the body so that you can capture great footage underwater.

Fantasea Radiant: This dive video light almost doubles the capacity of GoPro’s focus light when needed under water. This can be attached to the GoPro easily with the mount. It offers a beam angle of 110 degrees and can burn for up to 50 minutes at full power.

Ikelite Vega: This dive light is specially designed for GoPro users who want to capture amazing footage underwater. It’s small and sleek, yet still offers 2200 lumens of brightness to make every detail sharp and clear.

Light and Motion Sola: One of the most compact and powerful dive lights for GoPros is the Light and Motion Sola, a top choice of photographers. This light offers 1200 lumens of brightness and 70 minutes of operation at full power. It also has two different beam angles so users get a flood light and a spot beam all in one product.

iTorch Venom 38: When you need a huge level of brightness, the Venom 38 might be your best choice. It weighs just 14 ounces, but the Venom 38 is able to produce a powerful 3800 lumens of brightness with 60 minutes of burn time at full power. It features a 140-degree beam angle to illuminate a wide area under water.

These are some of the best dive lights for GoPro cameras you can buy. Happy shooting!