ScubaMax is a reputable dive light manufacturer that aims to combine durability and affordability. ScubaMax dive lights are designed with the goal of helping divers perform to the best of their abilities. There are several ScubaMax dive lights that work for novice to professional divers, depending on the specific diver’s needs and preferences. The top selling dive lights are:

ScubaMax 1000 Lumen T-17V Rechargeable L.E.D. Dive Light

The ScubaMax T-17V dive light is a rechargeable LED dive light made with durable aluminum. The dive light has a twist on/off feature. The dive light has a brightness of 1000 lumens, a depth rating of 450ft and uses two rechargeable batteries. The beam distance is a whopping 1,050ft, and the light lasts for up to 90 minutes. This is a highly reliable and efficient dive light.


ScubaMax T-11 Rechargeable Dive Light

The ScubaMax T-11 Rechargeable Dive Light is a LED dive light with a durable construction. The dive light has a twist on/off feature. The dive light has a brightness of 700 lumens, a rechargeable battery and a depth rating of 450ft. The dive light is very easy to use, handy and lightweight.

ScubaMax 1000 Lumen T-19 Rechargeable L.E.D. Light

This is a highly efficient yet compact dive light made with aircraft-grade aluminum. The dive light is powered by 1 rechargeable battery and emits 1000 lumens of brightness. The dive light has a depth rating of 450ft.



Benefits of ScubaMax Dive Lights

  • Durability: One of the benefits of ScubaMax dive lights is that they are very durable. They are usually made with aircraft-grade aluminum that can withstand bumps, drops, and overall rough handling with ease.
  • LED for improved brightness: ScubaMax utilizes LED technology to offer divers the brightest, most consistent lighting possible.
  • Waterproof: ScubaMax dive lights are made with the best waterproof materials. ScubaMax dive lights can reach great depths and function for a long period of time without experiencing water damage.