If you like to use a light for filming or capturing photos underwater, the Light & Motion Sola Photo 1200 is the dive light that you should go for. Being lightweight and compact in size, it is ideal for photographers who travel. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will discuss using and maintaining the Light & Motion Sola Photo 1200.

How to Operate the Sola Photo 1200

The astounding Sola Photo 1200 produces 220 lumens of red light and 1200 lumens of white light. These lamps generate fantastic power output in spite of their compact size. This is possible because of the presence of a lithium-ion rechargeable battery in combination with high-output LED technology. One has to connect the intelligent fast charger to the 3-pin charging connections present at the rear.

It is possible to untwist and slide the top switch either forward or backward depending on whether you would like to switch on the 4 red-light LEDs or the 6 white-light LEDs. You can turn off the lamp by holding the switch at the furthest position. Three top-mounted LEDs will inform you regarding which power setting you have chosen. Three alight will indicate full power, two alight indicate moderate power, and so forth.

The LEDs will indicate the charge status of the battery. While green indicates full charge, blinking green indicates that the charge is between half and full, yellow indicates between a quarter and a half, while red indicates that the charge is less than a quarter of the capacity of the battery. It takes a little more than a couple of hours for the charger to charge the lamp fully.

How to Increase the Functionality of the Sola Photo 1200 by Maintaining it Properly

1. Use fresh water to clean the Sola Photo 1200 after every single dive.

2. Clean the battery contacts using a pencil eraser after inspecting them thoroughly.

3. Try to increase the longevity of the battery in case your light is using rechargeable batteries. For this, you need to follow the owner’s manual to make your batteries perform at their best.

4. Replace the O-rings when they show any indication of damage or wear.

5. Store the light in a dry and cool area where there is an absence of any direct sunlight. If won’t be using the light for an extended period of time, make it a point to store the batteries separately from the light.