The IST Sports Orion 1000s is a great primary or backup diving light, but it has to be used and taken care of correctly for maximum effect and longevity. The Orion 1000s has a plastic body and an aluminum head. A double-O ring seal close to the head makes the light waterproof. The light has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 100 minutes on full power. It has five light modes.


  • The little light is comfortable enough to hold in hand when diving, but it can also be attached to a wrist mount.
  • Always use the light for a dive not exceeding 100m (330ft). Beyond this depth, it will malfunction and/or flood.
  • Keep an eye on the battery indicator to know how much power you have left. It is advisable to have the light off when you are still in shallow waters.
  • Adjust the light levels to what works for you. The Orion 1000s is powerful enough to produce adequate power at level two or three if the water is not too murky.
  • Take advantage of the SOS and flash modes in case of an emergency.


  • A thorough fresh-water rinse should be the first step immediately after you resurface from a dive. Although it is anti-corrosive, keeping the light unrinsed for long periods after diving in salt water will eventually lead to discoloration and damage to the body.
  • Set the light to dry in a cool place away from direct sunlight after rinsing. This should take around half an hour.
  • Once you are sure the light is no longer moist, plug it into a power source and leave it to charge until full.
  • You may then store your light in a safe package away from moisture and anything that may scratch it (dogs are major culprits here) until your next dive. If you plan to store the light for a long time, take the battery out and store it separately to prevent leaks.