The Bigblue TL3100P provides 3100 lumens of light on full power. It is built from quality aluminum alloy making it resistant to corrosion. Three LEDs are fixed behind an optical tempered glass system. Here are some hacks to using and maintaining the Bigblue TL3100P.

Tips for Usage

The user turns this lighting device on using a conveniently-placed single push button. Once it is on, the diver can choose between blue, red, or green LEDs. The same button has an option for SOS. For hands-free use, the Goodman glove supplied with the light is used. The conventional method of handling the light can also be achieved using the anodized aluminum handle. When the battery is drained, it can be charged to full capacity in about two hours using the accompanying smart charger. The choice of the light level to use depends on the user’s requirements.

The burn time of the light will depend on what level one has chosen. It can go up to 15 hours at level one, 6 hours at level 2, three hours at level 3, and 90 minutes at level 4. The lumen output also depends on levels with the maximum level (level 4) producing the 3100 lumens. The other levels, 1, 2, and 3, produce 310, 775, and 1550 lumens, respectively.

It is important to note the buoyancy and depth rating of any flashlight. For this device, the diver can safely go to a depth of 100 meters and is required to manage its buoyancy of -217 grams.

Maintenance Tips

To maintain the light, divers must watch out for overheating. While there is an inbuilt thermal protector in the TL3100P, it’s best to use the light underwater only – not on dry land. Rinse the light with fresh water after each use, and always charge it with its original charger to avoid spoiling the battery.