Many people travel overseas and to distant locations for the purpose of scuba diving, which means a lot of packing and unpacking delicate gear. To keep your dive light safe during your travels, follow these six tips.

1. Don’t over-stuff your bags

The most important dive light packing tip is to refrain from over-stuffing bags that contain dive lights. Over-stuffing bags that contain dive lights may cause the dive lights to get damaged. If you have a lot of gear, use more than one bag.

2. Keep the dive lights on top

When packing for scuba diving, there will be several things that will go into your bag, but it is very important to place the scuba lights on top of the rest of your gear. This will ensure that the dive lights do not get damaged. Placing scuba lights underneath other scuba gear increases the chances of damage.

3. Do not forget extra batteries

It is very important for you to take along extra batteries, whether your light uses disposable or rechargeable batteries. This will ensure that you can use your dive lights longer without waiting around for them to recharge or tracking down disposable batteries at your location.

4. Always rinse salt water and debris from dive lights before drying

Salt water increases the chances of corrosion and lingering debris could cause a dive light’s interior components to break down.

5. Do not pack dive lights until they’re dry

It is essential to ensure that your dive lights are totally dry before you pack them in your case and/or your bag. Packing a wet dive light increases the chances of corrosion and damage.

6. Remove batteries from the dive light before packing

It is also important to remove batteries from dive lights before packing them. This ensures that the batteries last longer and won’t begin leaking during the trip.