Since eBay is one of the most popular places to purchase diving gear at a discount, it is necessary for buyers to follow specific steps while shopping to ensure they only pay for the best products. The following information acts as a guide to buying dive lights on eBay.

Conducting your search

To find diving lights on eBay, first go to the “Sporting Goods” section and then click on “Water Sports.” Under the “Water Sports” category, select the “Scuba and Snorkeling” option, then select the subcategory “Lights.” At this point, it is now possible to search for specific products using the search field provided by eBay. The search can be done by typing in specific terms such as “LED” or by typing in the name of a particular dive light.

What to look out for

It is important to note that most of the dive lights available on eBay are brand new. Nonetheless, it is also possible to come across some used scuba lights. If you opt to purchase any used diving lights, you should check the specifications and description thoroughly to make sure they can serve your intended purpose. It is also advisable to buy replacement bulbs since the original ones are likely to be used up.

Additional tips

  • You should always go for lights with rechargeable batteries. This way, you don’t have to buy new batteries on a regular basis.
  • Always check the label to ensure the dive light is pressure-proof and watertight to avoid purchasing a light that is likely to malfunction while under water. Some sellers will try to pass off a regular flashlight as a dive light, and if you don’t read the full description, you could get conned.
  • Pay attention to the type of bulbs used in the dive light. The quality of the bulbs should be checked in terms of power consumption and light output. Some efficient types include HID and LED bulbs.

Finally, always pick the dive light that suits your preferred style. For instance, a beginner should choose a flashlight style because it is easy to handle.