No two dive lights are built alike; with this being said, quality dive lights do possess many common features. So when the time comes to choose dive lights for nighttime photography, there are certain features to look for. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Go wide

With strobe dive lights, intended for underwater nighttime shoots, you want wider angle beams and a high lumen output. Not only will this allow you to capture any subject when taking photos, but it also ensures the scene is properly illuminated regardless of how dark the shooting conditions may be.

More beam settings

Nighttime photography dive lights also have several beam settings. The more options your dive light has, the more creative freedom you have, and thus the better the quality of your photos. Multiple beam settings and features will allow you to choose the ideal settings for any situation, formation, or underwater creature that attracts your attention.

External strobes

With nighttime shooting, an external strobe is essential to capturing the best quality photos. Using a focus light is also an essential tool for divers, as it will give your camera the required contrast so it can focus directly on the intended subject you are shooting. This will also serve as your primary dive light, so you can illuminate your path. Both types of lights are essential when shooting photos at night – they work together beautifully and keep all of your options open.

Whether you are a new diver or have been diving for years, the right dive light for nighttime photography can make a world of difference in the quality of the images you are going to take. When you keep the above few basic features in mind, you’re guaranteed to have the opportunity to get the best shot, properly light your subjects, and enjoy a creative and exciting shoot.