Diving is all about pleasure. And if done with correct set of tools, diving can take you to another level to explore the water world. Whether it is about deep water diving from professionals, or just diving for fun, it is very important that you are well equipped to deal the negatives when you are in water.

Apart from the long list of essential equipment that must be used while diving, most of the readers would agree that a flashlight is one of the most important accessory you should have while diving.

Due to its importance, many companies have already jumped into the field of manufacturing good quality flashlights especially designed to performed under water. However, if you are looking for the best diving flashlight for your next deep water diving project, then we would highly recommend you to go with the Max Planck 6000. The reason behind this recommendation is the long list of features and the perfect build quality of the product. Whether you are looking for a. Flashlight that can provide you an ideal situation for under water photography, or just want to explore the untouched world under water, this flashlight will be a saviour for you.

Here are the plus points about the Max Planck 6000 that you must know before purchasing the flashlight for diving.

1. Luminance
First and the most important thing when it comes to deep water diving is the amount of light. It is essential for a diver to carry a flash light that can cope up with deep water darkness and helps the diver to explore his path and the obstacles. The Max Plank 6000 is equipped of high quality efficient LED lights that are capable enough to deliver the luminance of 6000 lm, which is more than most of the market leaders. This makes it a great flashlight for under water photography. So, if you are a diver who loves to capture the moments, then Max Planck 6000 by Nemo power tools is a perfect product for you.

2. Build quality
Another thing that plays a vital role under water, is the build quality of the flashlight. The light must be strong enough to deal the under water pressure and should work properly under extreme conditions. As far as the Max Planck 6000 is concerned, the flash light is made up of high quality aluminum which makes it durable and lighter than traditional flashlights that are made up of plastic.

3. Power efficiency
Another great aspect of Max Planck 6000, is its power efficiency. As the flashlight is equipped with the LED bulbs, they consume less power and can be operated continuously for one hour at highest setting. If you need it to be last more than an hour, then you can use it at lower settings to get additional time under water.

4. Angle
Most of the flash lights from other brand provide a focused beam that may be not so useful while diving. However, if you are using the Max Planck 6000, then you should not worry about this as this flashlight provides a great throw at an angle of 120 degrees. This makes a perfectly lit environment that is ideal for the divers.

So, these were the points that you should keep in mind while purchasing a flashlight for diving purposes. Moreover, these were the points that make Max Planck 6000 a perfect choice for divers. So, no matter whether you are a professional diver, or diving for the first time make sure that you are equipped with this marvelous accessory for diving. Believe us, this will take your diving experience to a whole new level.