Dive torches can also be known as underground torches, and enables divers to see clearly below the water’s surface. Dive torches are first and foremost used by safety divers to create additional illumination during dive operations that are carried out in poorly-lit circumstances. Such circumstances may occur during night time dives, as well as when searching inside sunken vessels, examining underwater structures, and diving at great depths. Dive torches may also be used by divers to signal other drivers or mark their particular point during dive operations. And of course, they can also be used to locate fantastic aquatic life. It is advisable for divers to have two dive torches – one as their main one and another as their backup torch.

The best dive torches are the rechargeable ones, and the Ocean Quest 2700 L.E.D Rechargeable dive light and the Light and Motion Solo Dive 1200 L.E.D Hands Free Light both stand out. Although they are costly, they are also better for the environment in which they are being used than the conventional battery dive torches. But they possess other qualities that make them the best for divers. Some of the qualities they possess are they are rugged, water tight, feature a reliable switch that is easy to turn on and off when needed, and both offer an adjustable beam angle, variable brightness, lumens of 500 or more, and can be easily charged without opening the diving torch.

The precautions that divers need to follow when handling these torches are ensuring that you keep them in a cool dry place – about 60F is perfect, keeping the battery healthy and the dive torch ready for your next adventure.